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Women’s Health Initiative Network is a National Organization that aims to change
the way we educate women about the following quality of life health conditions that are rarely discussed:

Uterine Health – Fibroids
Vaginal Health
Sexual Health
Bladder Health

We are a registered, non-profit charitable organization that exists for the enhancement of women’s health to
provide awareness, policy change, influence patient engagement and lead consumer research to ultimately empower women.

WHIN Provides

New knowledge and treatments generating hope will exist in the following areas:
Knowledge uterine, vaginal, bladder and sexual health for women.
Methods by which the new knowledge from research results can be translated into the prevention and conservative treatment of these women’s health conditions.

To achieve optimal health status, all women affected by these quality of life issues have access to healthcare and to wellness, socio-emotional, and financial support including:
Equitable access to appropriate choices for treatment that allows women to make their own decision based upon accurate up to date information. circumstances.
Timely access to evidence based treatments.

All women affected by uterine, vaginal, bladder and sexual health conditions are empowered to maximize their health outcomes to improve quality of life and relatonships.
Women have the knowledge to make effective choices to prevent, minimize, and seek treatment.
People can advocate for themselves and others when navigating the system.
Women will have a sense of belonging and a collective voice.

Informed Canadian women understand and respond to the impact of these health conditions.
Effective provincial and federal policies and strategies exist for women’s health.

WHIN relies on its extensive network of health care partners and volunteers working to deliver its programs and services throughout Canada. WHIN is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act and is incorporated under the laws of Canada.

The Problem by the Numbers

Possibly as many as 80% of all women have uterine fibroids
of women live with OAB
to 60% of women suffer from vaginal dryness as a result of menopause
Percentage of women who have experienced sexual dysfunction, with low sex drive being one of the most common causes



“It’s never too early or too late
to start working on being the healthiest you.”


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reproductive and sexual health concerns in a safe, confidential atmosphere.

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